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CBS - Ancient Vines

CBS - Ancient Vines

With the support of the National Wine Agency, CBS, one of the most rated television broadcasters in the USA, prepared an extensive story about Georgian wine called “Ancient Vines”. The story aired on CBS' 60 Minutes on November 26.
The 22-minute story talks about the 8,000-year history of Georgian wine production and its present state.
Filming took place in the diocese of Alaverdi, at the Jigaura perennial crops’ test-demonstration base of the Scientific-Research Center, with the potter Zaza Kbilashvili and in the winery "Tears of Pheasants", in the video, chef Tekuna Gachechiladze talks about Georgian cuisine.
It should be noted that Georgia is implementing an active marketing campaign to promote and increase popularity of Georgian wine. In order to increase the scale of the campaign, under the decision of the Prime Minister of Georgia, a video clip about Georgian wine was prepared for the American television company CNN, which will be aired on the channel within a month starting from today.

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