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Under the decision of the Prime Minister of Georgia, a video about Georgian wine was exclusively prepared for the American television company CNN

Under the decision of the Prime Minister of Georgia, a video about Georgian wine was exclusively prepared for the American television company CNN

The presentation of the video clip "Presenting the Motherland of Wine" was held in Tbilisi and was attended by representatives of the Georgian government, winemaking industry, non-governmental sector, scientific and artistic fields, and veteran winemakers.
The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia Otar Shamugia addressed the guests who came to the presentation.
As the Minister stated, the publication of the image video clip of Georgian wine on CNN is another step forward in promoting Georgian wine and presenting Georgia as the homeland of wine.
"Promotion of Georgian wine is one of the priority issues for us, which we have been actively working on for years - we are carrying out relevant events in priority markets. Back in 2014, we started a very important research project on Georgian vine and wine culture. In 2017, the results of the research confirmed and the world community heard that Georgia is the homeland of wine, with eight thousand years of continuous history of wine production", noted Otar Shamugia.
In his speech, the Minister said that the new video clip about Georgian wine was prepared under the decision of the Prime Minister. Tens of millions of people will see the video on CNN during a period of a one month.
At the event, the Chairman of the National Wine Agency, Levan Mekhuzla, spoke about the marketing plans for Georgian wine.
"Publication of a video for the American audience and other countries of the world  on CNN about Georgia as a country with an ancient winemaking culture and history, as well as a modern, diverse and unique winemaking industry, aims to increase the popularity of Georgian wine and establish it as a category. In this regard, we have many more plans; Accordingly, the events of promotion of Georgian wine will become larger", said Levan Mekhuzla.
The National Wine Agency started negotiations about the placement of an image video of Georgian wine on the air with the TV company CNN in this summer. A working group was created, which included representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, the National Wine Agency, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, the National Tourism Administration and the Association "Georgian Wine". The main concept of the video clip was agreed upon by the group members, that the main message should be the continuous tradition of Georgian wine production, along with timeless values. The video clip was prepared in Georgia. Filming took place in September.
The video, which is 30 seconds long, will be aired on CNN international 6 times a day for a month. The channel broadcasts in 200 countries of the world; The video will be broadcasted 3 times a day on CNN North America. Cooperation with CNN also includes an online campaign, which means publishing articles about Georgian wine on CNN's official page: for one month.

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