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The coordination headquarters of Vintage 2023 was opened in Telavi

The coordination headquarters of Vintage 2023 was opened in Telavi

"Today, the vintage coordination headquarters was opened, which will organize the vintage process; All prerequisites are created for the harvest to be successful. It should be emphasized that the support that vine-growers and winemakers have received from the state in recent years is unprecedented; We help them with both subsidy and insurance co-financing, which has increased from 50% to 70% this year. I call on vine-growers to be more active in this direction. Support to the sector is also expressed through targeted programs of agrocredit and marketing activities. The state spends about 15 million GEL to promote Georgian wine on international priority markets; We help entrepreneurs to co-finance marketing costs, as a result, Georgian wine exports are growing every year. Only last year, 103 million liters were exported, which is a record number," - the Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture noted.
The opening of the headquarters was attended by the Minister of Environment and Agriculture, Deputy Minister Yuri Nozadze, Kakheti Region State Trustee Giorgi Aladashvili, Regional Majority Deputies Gela Samkharauli and Irakli Kadagishvili, Chairman of the National Wine Agency Levan Mekhuzla, representatives of local authorities and wine producing companies.
It should be noted that, according to the government's decision, this year, within the framework of the Vintage 2023, the state will subsidize Rkatsiteli and Kakhuri Mtsvane varieties of grapes.
The mentioned decision will motivate up to 25 thousand vine-growers and up to 500 wine producers to continue their activities and will give them the opportunity to develop.
The state subsidy will be received by the company that will purchase and process at least 100 tons of Rkatsiteli and/or Kakhuri mtsvane grapes grown in the Kakheti region. In addition, for 1 kg of grapes purchased, the buyer of the grapes will be paid no less than 90 tetri. In exchange for the purchase of grapes grown by the vine-growers in the Kakheti region, the subsidy given to companies amounts to 20 tetri for 1 kg of Rkatsiteli and 1 kg of Kakhuri mtsvane.
The minister emphasized that the state enterprise is ready to accept the grapes damaged due to climatic conditions from the vine-growers, for which there will be no demand from the private sector, and to pay the farmers 90 tetri per 1 kilogram.
At the event of the opening of the coordination headquarters of Vintage 2023, the chairman of the National Wine Agency, Levan Mekhuzla, spoke about the organizational issues of the vintage.
In the current year, the forecast harvest of grapes is within 200 thousand tons. This year, about 500 wineries will be involved in harvesting. Handover of picked grapes will be carried out on the basis of the extract from the viticulture cadastre issued by the National Wine Agency. From August 24, the Vintage headquarters will work 24 hours a day in Telavi, which will coordinate the organized harvest, accounting and traceability of grapes to be delivered.
Registration of grapes will be carried out in an unified electronic system. The mentioned system was introduced by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture in 2013 and has been functioning effectively since then.

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