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Wines from small Georgian wineries were presented at the "RAW Wine Berlin" exhibition

Wines from small Georgian wineries were presented at the "RAW Wine Berlin" exhibition

18 cellars of Georgian Qvevari wine presented their wines at the "RAW Wine", an exhibition of artisan wines in Berlin.  This was the largest-scale presentation of Georgian Qvevari wine at "RAW Wine Berlin", which is important in terms of increasing the international awareness of Qvevari wine and finding potential importers, which, as a result, provides an opportunity to increase exports.
"RAW Wine" (The Artisan Wine Fair) is one of the outstanding international exhibitions where producers of high-quality natural, organic and biodynamic wines gather. The organizer of the exhibition is Isabelle Legeron, a famous expert in wine from France.
"I love Georgia and Georgian wine. 18 Georgian winemakers from different parts of Georgia are presented at the exhibition, who produce extraordinary wines using the traditional method in Qvevri, amber wines, Saferavi, etc. I am especially pleased to see how the quality and quantity have increased. Here are young winemakers who start with small production and constantly develop. I am very grateful to the National Wine Agency for the continuous support of this event. The place is full of guests, we have visitors from Norway, Israel, Poland, Romania, England, Los Angeles, and New York, all the guests who come here love Berlin, and in my opinion, this is an extraordinary opportunity for Georgian entrepreneurs to meet a lot of interested people," said Isabelle Legeron. 
160 natural wine producers from 20 countries were represented at the Berlin exhibition. Traditionally, there has been great interest in Georgian wine from wine professionals and visitors.
Considering the possibility of finding potential importers and increasing exports, it is particularly important to present Georgian wine in Germany, since, starting from 2019, this country is one of the strategic export markets for Georgian wine.

It should be noted that with the support of the National Wine Agency and the involvement of local diplomatic missions, in 2022, Qvevri wine cellars participated in "RAW Wine" exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and London. 

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