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The Progress of the Vintage

The Progress of the Vintage

As of September 26, in the Kakheti region, about 16,000 winegrowers have handed over grapes to wineries, and their income reaches 174 million GEL.
In total, up to 175.5 thousand tons of grapes are processed in the region. Out of this, up to 102,7 thousand tons of Rkatsiteli, 75,5 thousand tons of Saperavi, up to 4.5 thousand tons of Kakhuri Mtsvane grapes, and the rest of the different varieties of grapes.
The largest amount of grapes processed was in the municipality of Kvareli – 47,7 thousand tons, followed by: Gurjaani - 45 thousand tons, Telavi - 34 thousand tons, Sighnaghi – 20,3 thousand tons, Lagodekhi – 11,1 thousand tons, Dedoplistskaro – 6,5 thousand tons, Akhmeta – 6,8 thousand tons and Sagarejo 3,7 thousand tons.
More than 400 wine companies and cellars are currently registered in the vintage coordination HQ. Until this stage, 225 factories were involved in grape pressing. The daily processing range of grapes is within 8-9 thousand tons.
Similarly to the previous years, the vintage HQ coordinates the organization of the harvest, the accounting, and the traceability of the grapes to be handed over. 

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