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According to today's data, up to 20,000 viticulturists received vineyard cadastral extract in Kakheti

According to today's data, up to 20,000 viticulturists received vineyard cadastral extract in Kakheti

Since 2021, the registration of vineyards and the delivery of the harvest by cadastral extract has become mandatory for all growers. During the vintage, without a cadastral extract of the vineyards, the viticulturist will not be able to deliver the grapes to the wine cellar.
In Kakheti, registration of winegrowers and issuance of vineyard extracts started in 2019. In 2019-2020, cadastral extract of up to 15 thousand vineyards was issued; This year, a cadastral extract has been issued to 4,600 viticulturists.
Farmers can register their vineyards and update their cadastral information at this stage in a total of 47 registration points located in Kvareli, Gurjaani, Sighnaghi, Telavi, Akhmeta and the villages of the above municipalities.
Growers will receive additional information on the start of registration in Dedoplistskaro, Lagodekhi and Sagarejo municipalities.
Obtaining a cadastral extract is free and does not require going to the Public Service Hall, the Vineyard Cadaster has no connection with the Land Cadaster, this is the database of the National Wine Agency. The viticulturist must present only the ID card at the registration points.
Update of cadastral information is mandatory in case of changes related to the vineyard, such as sale and purchase, renting, giving away, cultivating or uprooting.
For additional information on the Vineyard Cadaster Program, interested parties can contact the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture hotline - 1501.
Georgia will share and introduce another important European experience by creating a vineyard cadaster.
The National Wine Agency has been implementing the Georgian Vineyard Cadaster Program since 2014. The establishment of the National Cadaster of Vineyards of Georgia will ensure the simplification and transparency of the vintage process, traceability and quality assurance of produced wine and other grape products.

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