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Georgian wine was presented to international experts in Monte Carlo

Georgian wine was presented to international experts in Monte Carlo

Within the framework of her official visit to Monaco, the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili attended the presentation organized at the Monte Carlo Wine Palace to promote Georgian wine, which featured 12 different types of wine from 7 Georgian companies, including: Askaneli Brothers, Chotiashvili Family Winery, Jakeli Wines, Vazisubani Estate.
During the meeting with international experts of wine and winemakers from around the world, the uniqueness of Georgian wine and Georgian traditional methods of winemaking were once again emphasized.
It was noted that the country's ancient traditions and wine culture are equated with national identity. Since ancient times, Georgia has been known as a country of grapes and wine, and traditional Georgian wine is hard to imagine without Qvevri. The history of Qvevri winemaking is more than 8000 years old and continues to this day.
According to the Head of the National Wine Agency, Levan Mekhuzla, wine exhibitions, especially in Europe, have a very significant importance, winemakers and wine lovers get to know each other and new wines. At the same time, the President's participation in the exhibitions and her support for Georgian wine is of great importance.
"Today, during  Covid pandemy, basis and roots of Georgian wine is presented in France and Monaco, the countries recognizing literally nothing but its own wines, which is highly appreciated by specialists. It is a fact that Georgia is recognized as a country of winemaking and its awareness has already been established on the world map," - said Levan Mekhuzla.

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