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About 70 companies are participating in the Saperavi international competition


About 70 companies are participating in the Saperavi international competition

The second Saperavi International Competition is being held in Georgia with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and the National Wine Agency. The competition, initiated and organized by the association Georgian Wine, aims to raise the awareness of Saperavi and its various wines.
About 70 producers presented up to 250 wine samples from different Saperavi grape varieties produced at the competition. The chairman of the competition jury was oenologist, winemaker Gogi Dakishvili.
According to the  Head of the National Wine Agency, member of the jury Levan Mekhuzla, the wines presented at the competition are of the best quality; Competitions like these help to improve the quality of wine made from Saperavi grapes, which is important for the development of the wine industry in the country, as the largest share of exports comes from wines made from Saperavi. 
The winning wines will be announced in a few weeks. The winning companies and small cellars will be awarded gold, silver and bronze diplomas.
The first Saperavi international competition was held in 2018. Up to 200 wine samples from large producers as well as small and medium-sized family cellars were represented at the competition. The jury was chaired by Andrew Jefford, famous British journalist and wine writer.
Saperavi is an ancient Georgian vine variety. It is one of the best representatives of the world assortment of red vine varieties. Due to its high quality and unique properties, Saperavi grapes are cultivated in many countries and high-quality wines are produced from it.

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