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International audit companies are involved in the process of monitoring the quality of Georgian export wine

International audit companies are involved in the process of monitoring the quality of Georgian export wine

One of the main goals of the National Wine Agency is to promote the high quality of Georgian wine. The agency is actively working to ensure that tens of millions of bottles of Georgian wine are produced to meet the international standards. According to the new regulation, the inspection of certified Georgian export wine will be carried out by the international audit companies "SGS" and "Bureau Veritas" in the Customs Clearance Zone.
A cooperation agreement between the National Wine Agency and the Bureau Veritas has already been signed and the organization has already started the inspection process. "SGS" company will also be involved in the inspection process in a few days. Involvement of independent, authoritative international companies SGS (Switzerland) and Bureau Veritas (France) is important for the monitoring process in order to export the wine that has already been certified.
The initiative came from the private wine sector and aims to ensure greater transparency in the quality of export wine. Until now, inspections have been carried out by the company in the process of submitting an export certification application. With the involvement of international auditing companies, it became possible to inspect a certified wine lot for export in the Customs Clearance Zone.
Pursuant to the Law of Georgia on Vine and Wine, the National Wine Agency, which regulates the viticulture and winemaking sector, issues a certificate of conformity to export products, which confirms that the identified products comply with the requirements of Georgian legislation. An inspection involves verifying compliance with an export spirits submitted for certification (a lot of bottled wine). In accordance with the “rules for certification of alcohol beverages and spirits based on grapes", considering the continuous quality control process, the Agency has the right to carry out inspections at any stage of certification and even after certification.

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